New Balance (new_balance) wrote,
New Balance

all quite on the front

Nothing to report out here in the west.. in the news there's much talk about gay marriage since oregon starting issuing marriage certificates yesterday--today on the cover of the newspapers its reported that some couples from Seattle have driven down to get married. As far as i'm concerned let same sex couples get marriages. Talking amongst my friends its seems Christians have a biggest beef with the issue. As a Christian with a history of homosexual acts I don't see what's the big problem.. all sorts of other "sinner" are getting married and no one is protesting against them what about people that lie, abuse drugs or steal should they too not be allowed to get married. My decision to not entertain my homosexual preference is my own due to my choosing to align my morals with the Christians should take protest acts of sin around us or rather spend our time working with those that actually want to better understand the messages of the Bible.
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