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Hi I'm back

Just got back from the IMA this morning. Had a great workout with weights and cardio. Last week I decided to do a contract with myself.. with the goal to be better at tracking of what's going on in my life... the contract follows:

Ten Week Challenge

I, ---, hereby commit to ten weeks of daily, intense exercise and to self control when it comes to my eating. It is the goal of this contract to create an interesting, fun and safe environment for me to train and move toward a healthier body image over a ten week period.

The terms of this agreement includes approximately one hour of daily exercise whereby I am focused on challenging my endurance and stamina in the pursuit of training to participate in the Vancouver half marathon on May 2, 2004. The conditioning and strength training will be guided by the 2004 Personal Trainer series published in Muscle Media while cardiovascular workouts will consist of jogging, stair stepping or rowing.

In addition, I commit to discontinue the consumption of all foods two or more hours prior to my bedtime; this effort will require me to be conscious of when and why I eat. I will, to the best of my ability, simply eat to satisfy my nutritional needs as opposed to my emotional needs1. I will also do my best to make healthful food choices. Under no circumstances will I exceed 4000 calories a day during this ten week period regardless of the situation or the nature of the temptation.

Furthermore, as an eyewitness to every event in my life, I recognize that I have rarely if ever been able to attain this level of focus for a continuous period of ten or more weeks while physically training for a sport’s event. In an effort to keep my focus, I agree to make journal entries relevant to nutritional and exercise progress at:

I realize that this contract is solely with myself and no other parties are liable. This contract carries no external awards, penalties or eternal punishments other than those associated with the reflection of my character. I reserve the right to revise this contract at anytime and without any waiting period in the presence of any witness listed below. This contract may be void with the diagnosis of any chronic disease by a medical doctor, an act of war on US soil or any end times event as described in the book of Revelations.

any comments about my contract. Other than that I'm going to a Valentine's Social tonight. I asked a friend from Church to be my date. She was so excited.. we should have a blast.. we'll have to stay far far away from the truly dating couples!!

Last week I didn't post much in the journal.. i was being lazy.. didn't do much at all last week but wondered a little downtown and used some time to do some personal reading. It was a good time to relax and recover.

I need to learn how to insert pics in livejournal (anyone have any ideas of where I should look to find this or have info on how to do this).
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