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New Balance
14 July
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Just another guy on the net when he shouldn't be. :) I probably should be doing something like reading some journal article or a website with some in-depth stuff.

Okay, so maybe I should put some stuff in here... I'm a 27 year old black man that appears on the outside to have it all together--graduated top honor high school (even made a speak at graduation), two BS degrees from two Universities one of them Summa Cum Laude, and two Master's degrees. Still feel like I need to figure out life.. So I went to College for 10 straight years..what a waste of time. Oh well, I guess it gave me something to do. I'm hoping to get into a politics one day.. sorry I don't have the preachy voice that most black policitians seems to have.

I'm one of those "overcomers", I won't go into that big story here. I'll just say that if you're a Christian who feels that gays are the root of all evil and "deserve what they get" or "should have no place in our society"... you and me probably won't get along all that famously.

I jump between hopeless optimistic romantic and cynical, but generally I find the normal space inbetween.

I'm living in Seattle with other college guys from my Church. Its a safe place with few of the temptations for self-destruction that got me into past trouble.