New Balance (new_balance) wrote,
New Balance

Ten week challenge

I forgot to give the update on my "ten week challenge". Well the job got in the way of me following the challenge as it was designed... the exercise and nutitional plan doesn't work when your job involves exercise and you cannot eat on the job. Working at the casino, i get no breaks and cannot eat.. the shifts are 8 hours.. I know that this is against the law but its on an indian reservation and I don't think US laws apply. Anyways the irony is that I have lost weight. The challenge ended today and I'm not at my goal of 210 but I'm around 219 even though I stop exercising and eating right about a month ago. I'm starting a new challenge today which runs through June 12. The goal is to be at 210 by then... the plan is to reduce calorie intake by not stopping at taco bell or mcdonalds on the way home from work..
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