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Spring is here in full bloom

Ok. Well, some have wondered what happened to me. I did land a job with a valet company (Silver Cloud Valet) here in Seattle. Checkout there website:

Its ok, nothing all that special. Since my tenture there I've quickly moved up the ranks. Now I'm working at one of thier high volume locations - the Muckleshoot Casino. Sort of testing the waters whether this job is ok to have as a Christian. For me I don't see a conflict of interest being a Christian and working on location at a Casino... at first for some reason I thought that my fellow Christians, might. Most of the patrons have the attitude that their coming for fun and are generally happy even after a losing... The cool think about this job is that it has opened up doors for a permanent job in my field, which is natural resources and given me an opporunity to work a minimum wage job (I'm 27 and this is my first job). Yesterday I applied for a fisheries biologist position with the Muckleshoot Tribe. I assume that I will be given an interview sometime in the future. A couple of weeks ago I outlined my goals... which are below.. amazingly the position with the tribes is a nice fit for the life I want to live.

….all about what Johnny wants

-Where I want to live
• Live within 15 miles of work
• Live within 20 miles of church
• Not in the South

-What I want from my job
Type of Job
• Diversity of project/activities
• Interaction with outside clients/people
• Travel to other places for work

-Benefits of Job
• Job that allows me to actually take a vacation during the year
• Has a wellness plan
• Salary of 50K
• Retirement benefits: 401K (TSP)

-What are my long-term goals?
• Appointment in an agency that works with implementing policy or designing policy
• Would like to do a rotation working in DC

• Not overweight and age well through living a active lifestyle
• Would like to have lived in several places
• Involvement in my local community at a later age 50s

-What are my short-term goals?
• Job that requires me to work with others in a team atmosphere
• Job that pulls me closer to working with policy rather than aquatics

• Get a new car
• Buy property

Activities that I enjoy
Hiking, urban setting, dressing up rather than dressing down, museums, community activities, politics, news, exercise and working out
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