New Balance (new_balance) wrote,
New Balance

What's up with me

To sum up today.. the ten week challenge is going great.. so far my body has been doing a little shifting game.. at the start my lean mass was 174.42 and fat mass (I know this sound gross)was 55.08 as of today the lean mass si 173.66 and fat mass 54.84 So I have lost a total of about one pound in 9 days.. i guess i'm not breaking any records here.

Today my advisor sent me an email and told me to stop referring to my thesis as a thesis and start calling it a professional paper. I guess this is the next sign of me getting knocked off my throne. I'm starting to look for a part time job to help manage my finances next quarter.. i'm still not even sure if I'm funded or not. There a valet job available down the street from me.. it calls for only friday and saturday nights-- which would be great since i need about $300 a month to help balance my finances. What do you think about doing a job like a valet?
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