New Balance (new_balance) wrote,
New Balance

My day in review

This morning went on a walk over at the park by Sand Point.. mainly walked for about 30mins..

Got to church a little late for the kids class but it was ok because the morning devo hadn't started yet. Worked with the 2 year olds during the entire service.. we made a stick figure of moses for the craft.. for some reason we glued huge cotton ball on the head for hair. Didn't realize that moses was known for having a lot of hair. Anyway, the three hours with the kids really wore me out..

After church went to TGI Friday's with my Bible Talk... J, L, JOB and myself. It was great.. J and L are getting married adn that's all they like to talk about...

Got home cleaned up the kitchen.. then went to the IMA were i did legs, bis and triceps.. Great workout..

Going to a Grammy party in 1/2 an hour..

I guess it has been a very busy day
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