New Balance (new_balance) wrote,
New Balance

wow i'm tired

Today has been a lot of fun.. went for a walk in the neighborhood this morning.. it looks great some people have finished some home improvement projects even though its winter.... or maybe i just hadn't noticed before. After my walk went to the democratic caucus at the library.. it took way too much time.. but it was worth it.. afterall its we're so lucky to live in a place where we can vote and i really wanted to vote for my candidate.

I changed the brake pads on my car today.. it was the first time for me so it took 2 hours.. i found a great website that shows you how to do it... i saved about $150 doing it myself. After the backbreaking job.. I had to hurry over to married couples place.. it was date night for them so i babysat their son.. he is such a blast we played mario-cart, made hot chocolate and pasta.. it was great.

Planning to rest a bit before heading to the gym for some cardio..
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